My Mate Cheated On Me (Slowly Editing)

My Mate Cheated On Me (Slowly Editing)

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Lana Black had been waiting to find her mate for a long time, finally at the age of 18 she found him..... Trenton Sanders. If her life wasn't filled with drama before it is definitely a roller-coaster now. 

The day Lana mates with Trent she finds him mating with another girl a few hours later. 
Will Lana ever learn to forgive Trent or will she move on to someone else! And what is the reason Trent cheated on her? 

Find out in my mate cheated on me :)

(This story has a lot of grammatical mistakes and was written when I was younger. Read with caution)

netflixmybutt netflixmybutt 3 days ago
im 13 and i still cant write a sentence like this🌚 like bruh dafuq
netflixmybutt netflixmybutt 3 days ago
dafuq i dont even have converse or vans i have to wait for my birthday or christmas before getting em BEAUTIFUL shoes🙂💔
There are females like that out there. So I don't see the big problem here.
lmaomofo lmaomofo Mar 08
I'm fine with her being PHYSICALLY weak, but if she gets back with him, I'm gonna literally kms
Mystress0fMystery Mystress0fMystery Aug 06, 2015
Her name is Lana BLACK?! Why is it always that last name with wolfy people. *Jacob Black, Sirius Black
                              *Forgive me moon goddess. I only know the name because someone pointed out to me that animagnus'  tend  to have the surname of Black.
debbie_evanfurn debbie_evanfurn Apr 03, 2015
Love those stories where he cheats... Usually have a ton more drama than usual stories..