16 and We're... Pregnant? (Larry Stylinson)

16 and We're... Pregnant? (Larry Stylinson)

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Sam By onedirection23rd Updated Aug 23, 2015

Harry and Louis grew up as best friends to best boyfriends.

16 is a willing age, an age when you can and want to do whatever you want. 

Nothing can affect you, you control the world at such an age.
At least that’s what Harry and Louis thought.

They were young and in love, wanting to do anything for the other.

When they both ended up not having a condom on one exhilarating night, Harry doesn’t think much of it and neither does Louis.

“You don’t think it matters that much, do you?”

Harry shrugged, “I mean… it’s just this one night. I could always pull out before?”

Louis shook his head, “It’s just this one night,”

am I the only one who heard his voice and accent when they read it..?
Lina-Rey Lina-Rey Aug 14
Ughhh no eleanor I just want a fluffy larry .... why do she must be in every fanfic .... I mean hello it's a FANFICTION just let us dream happily
Lina-Rey Lina-Rey Aug 14
This is the first time louis and harry both stands for themselves. I was expecting lou to be scared 😍
Lina-Rey Lina-Rey Aug 14
Can't relate tbh... 
                              I finish my test and am sure of it but still I would just sit down and color my paper with colorful pens 😂
Lina-Rey Lina-Rey Aug 14
I feel like it's zayn... I mean he's always the bad boy in fanfics and they didn't mention him in their groupe 😐
abbyhoran14 abbyhoran14 Jul 15
I'm sorry to everyone who loves Zayn but right now, he needs to go f*** himself. Like seriously.