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Unbreak My Heart (18+, ManxMan)

Unbreak My Heart (18+, ManxMan)

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PaisleyViking By PaisleyViking Completed

********************SPOILER ALERT**********************



This is a sequel to Breaking Finn.  It's pretty much essential that you read that first.  Everything that happens in this story is an aftermath to what happens in that story; therefore I have removed the description.  Some readers who came here first, read the description and then were bummed out because in some ways, it was a spoiler for Breaking Finn.  So...

Just go read Breaking Finn first and then you will have a good idea what this sequel is going to be about.   :) 

As usual, all photos of models that are used to portray my characters do not belong to me, and they have no connection to the real person.  I have no knowledge of these models private life and this story in no way portrays them or their preferences.

If you are one of my readers, you know that I like to use pictures of models and music videos to add depth to my chapters.  We are a multi-media world now and I truly believe they add a lot to my story, so please look at both the picture and the music video.  But again, note that the models have not given their permission nor endorsement to use their images here, I have just borrowed them from the internet.  Since I don't make any money using their pictures here and I am letting you know that they have no connection to the story, I am hoping this is all good.

If you do not like manxman stories, please do not continue on (though, if you read Breaking Finn and moved on to this sequel, I kinda have a hunch that you don't mind it).

This story is my property, please do not copy it.  All rights reserved, copyrighted, yada yada yada.

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uhall011 uhall011 Apr 07
@PaisleyViking....I know I mentioned your name many times.....just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed it very much at the first time I read it...and I know for sure that I will enjoy it again now....thanks for being a great author....
VossSquashies VossSquashies Dec 28, 2017
I'm so mentally unprepared, I shall forever hate Declan and Jamie and 31 year old Nico better come through or I'm out. I'm at a loss for words.
I may have to prepare my heart and a box of Kleenex too 😪
I like New York more than LA. 
                              LA is too fake and bubbly
                              New York is real and grimmy
uhall011 uhall011 Apr 07
Yap....this is my second time reading this story too....after Breaking Finn....I love this version of the song....who is the singer....?? I was imagining Finn singing this song....and I felt goose bumps all over my body.....I love Finn...I love him
RashEvans RashEvans 5 days ago
Damn ik its gonna be an emotional roller coaster ride im gonna go prepare my self b4 reading this