Izaya Orihara x Reader

Izaya Orihara x Reader

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Marissa Hernandez By Marissa_Trancy Updated Jul 17, 2016

A/N: This is my first X reader in this story you will be Shizuo's little sister. Also it won't be following the anime plot line so yeai hope y'all enjoy 

(F/N) First name
(F/C) Favorite color
(H/L) Hair length
(H/C) Hair Color 
(E/C) Eye color
(S/C) Skin Color 
(F/F) Favorite food

^ Im pretty sure that's all if it isn't y'all guys can tell me 
Your P.O.V

Welcome to Ikebukuro

Was a sign I saw while looking out the window of the moving train everything looked like a blur until the train came to a stop. I took my bags and walked out into the crowded subway my (E/C) orbs observing everything. I looked at my (F/C) phone to check the time but with my luck it was dead I placed it back in my pocket and walked out of the subway. I walked pretty far but i could already tell this place was bad luck "Every time I come here it looks more dangerous." I said looking at a gang in the alley. I was walking until I heard a guy scream IIIIIIZZZZZAAAYYYYAA!!!! and out...

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-.- brother Izaya is behind you 
                              Shizuo: WERE *turna around* 
                              Me: here I will kick him for you *kicks brother in crystal balls* -.- got him * takes cigarette from his mouth* thanks and here are my bags when your done crying come to the house with them * walks away* 
                              Shizuo: DAMMNNN SAVAGE!!!!!!
PawsomeGirl12 PawsomeGirl12 Apr 03, 2017
I have brown eyes....ya....super boring but guess what!? As a baby I had blue, then green, goldish, and then god was like no ima give her brown eyes! AND IM LIKE WHY!?
crazypie360 crazypie360 Sep 30, 2016
*gives him a best brother in the world award*
                              \(-_-\) -u deserv it...
Ultimate-Winner Ultimate-Winner Oct 01, 2016
I would've use my awesome skills my mom taught me for self defense if someone tried to harass me
- - Dec 05, 2016
I feel very racist saying "black" a lot. Black is my favorite color, you see.
darkness-lover99128 darkness-lover99128 Feb 10, 2016
Shizu-chan~ hehe I love saying that! Anyway my name is Angel I have red eyes and long white hair! Everything I have is black and made out of silk!