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Izaya Orihara x Reader

Izaya Orihara x Reader

22.5K Reads 746 Votes 9 Part Story
Marissa Hernandez By Marissa_Trancy Updated Jul 17, 2016

A/N: This is my first X reader in this story you will be Shizuo's little sister. Also it won't be following the anime plot line so yeai hope y'all enjoy 

(F/N) First name
(F/C) Favorite color
(H/L) Hair length
(H/C) Hair Color 
(E/C) Eye color
(S/C) Skin Color 
(F/F) Favorite food

^ Im pretty sure that's all if it isn't y'all guys can tell me 
Your P.O.V

Welcome to Ikebukuro

Was a sign I saw while looking out the window of the moving train everything looked like a blur until the train came to a stop. I took my bags and walked out into the crowded subway my (E/C) orbs observing everything. I looked at my (F/C) phone to check the time but with my luck it was dead I placed it back in my pocket and walked out of the subway. I walked pretty far but i could already tell this place was bad luck "Every time I come here it looks more dangerous." I said looking at a gang in the alley. I was walking until I heard a guy scream IIIIIIZZZZZAAAYYYYAA!!!! and out...

crazypie360 crazypie360 Sep 30, 2016
*gives him a best brother in the world award*
                              \(-_-\) -u deserv it...
Ultimate-Winner Ultimate-Winner Oct 01, 2016
I would've use my awesome skills my mom taught me for self defense if someone tried to harass me
Janwards Janwards Dec 05, 2016
I feel very racist saying "black" a lot. Black is my favorite color, you see.
darkness-lover99128 darkness-lover99128 Feb 10, 2016
Shizu-chan~ hehe I love saying that! Anyway my name is Angel I have red eyes and long white hair! Everything I have is black and made out of silk!
Kirachii Kirachii Nov 19, 2015
I'm feeling like there's a bunch of people staring at us... Why me?...
rinniemeganekko rinniemeganekko Oct 30, 2015
You should use more punctuation cause the sentence gets too long and doesn't make sense xD. Add some full stops