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Deceitful (Pokemon Watty Awards 2015 Third Place Winner!)

Deceitful (Pokemon Watty Awards 2015 Third Place Winner!)

30.8K Reads 1.8K Votes 45 Part Story
riolu17 By riolu17 Completed

Damian, a teenage boy, is abducted by the group Team Plasma as he discovers that his best friend is a member of the evil organization. Once captured, Damian is shortly transformed into a Pokemon. Read on as Damian is locked up in a cage, held in a facility, and later turned into his best friends own Pokemon, Damian decides that its time to fight back. Please rate and review and I'll love you forever! :^D

megahorses123 megahorses123 Feb 07, 2016
Nice..Man,I always hate those times when you feel the direct pain of someone  close betraying you?It just sucks..
ChronaLilly ChronaLilly Jan 27, 2016
Ooooh. Shivers down my spine. The grammar is a bit off at points, but the set up is definitely interesting. We never see where grunts come from or how their families and friends feel when they turn to these organizations.
ChronaLilly ChronaLilly Jan 27, 2016
                              I feel the betrayal may have been a little quick of a turnabout and would have been supplemented well with some imagery, but the raw emotion is definitely there. I can guess where this is going from the cover and summary, but this scene is still TERRIFYING.
HaterOfTheYear HaterOfTheYear Jul 04, 2016
I cannot respect a character who thinks that mouth wash will somehow magically replace toothpaste. Where's the realism here?
LogicalCabbage LogicalCabbage Dec 20, 2015
Are Lewis' parents part of this too? Shouldn't they a least be watching the battle as nosy parents? Poor Damien, betrayed like that... Well that is so not my friend now.
LogicalCabbage LogicalCabbage Dec 20, 2015
Now I have to ask myself: WHY DIDN'T DAMIEN TELL ANYONE BEFORE HE WENT OUT TO RECKLESSLY DO THIS? (Now my dreams of Team Plasma being my favorite team are crushed by this brutal reality) Still, I hope things end up well for him (doubt it).