Lie To Me (Frerard)

Lie To Me (Frerard)

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Gerard was late, and it was fucking raining. He'd missed the bus and it was fucking raining, and he was totally going to get dropped from the play if he was late again and he was so fucking screwed, but honestly Gerard wasn't all that keen on it when he'd heard the only main part he'd managed to get in this damn theatre group was of a fucking crossdresser. 

For someone who was supposed to be in the closet, he was doing an awfully bad job of it.

Frank Iero was Gerard's favourite punk ass skater dickhead, that he was currently working on eternally denying to himself the crush he had on Frank, which totally didn't exist of course, but Frank was really cute, and Gerard was really stupid; stupid enough to think that he could totally pull off pretending to be a girl in order for heterosexual Frank Iero to fall for him.

Surely, this was truly the worst idea Gerard Way has ever had.

This is exactly why I'm reading the book for the third time now
redroseblack96 redroseblack96 3 days ago
No honey, he has a ...
                              Okay, I'm going to just ... like ... go.
redroseblack96 redroseblack96 3 days ago
*punching my head right now* Okay! I'm going to keep reading and forget this section.
redroseblack96 redroseblack96 3 days ago
-2 because you just said that and it sounds exactly like me. Well if I was ever in this situation. And if I had one.
redroseblack96 redroseblack96 3 days ago
I knew he was going to mention Linday Lohan but I didn't think he would be so vocal about his hate.
--aria-- --aria-- 5 days ago
I forgot about Ebola, I remember I was so scared of it and I went into complete germaphobe mode when I knew that it was in the US