I Thought We Were Friends (Seth Clearwater) UNDER REWRITE

I Thought We Were Friends (Seth Clearwater) UNDER REWRITE

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Bri By BrianaLynn Updated Mar 20

Briana was a normal girl- well at least normal to herself being non native while living on the Rez. It was rare to see her without the tall native boy by the name of Seth Clearwater. It was always them together. They weren't only best friends, they were so much more. Where one went the other was sure to follow. 

That is until he left her with nothing but silence following him. Because things change and people change, some friends stop calling and others start. 

And sometimes, one look changes everything.

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LunaLongbottom22 LunaLongbottom22 Apr 23, 2017
Honestly, me at school though! Like I will start shouting for people to move! I don't wanna know what my road rage is going to be like... my jokes around and says that it's going to like the freaking hulk has empowered my body.
alj3087 alj3087 Sep 13, 2016
Literally my best friend after she finds out what happened interrogating me and making life hell for person who messed with me .......okay maybe not like my best friend
A12_KOKORO A12_KOKORO Oct 11, 2015
Ok so if you aren't clumsy what are you? And how did you get that bruise anyway?
vannahbby vannahbby Jun 10, 2015
Me too but I got a honda that's really close to the ground lol
crazy_girl122 crazy_girl122 Sep 17, 2014
Yes! Thank you! I'm so short and I really want a huge truck! I'm only 5'2 : (
InfinitysGrace InfinitysGrace Aug 13, 2014
cast members... reason number two of why Seth is awesome despite this.