Theirs to Claim

Theirs to Claim

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Kait Alletun By LaAlletun Completed

"I feel as if I don't deserve you. I'm really fucked up. There will always be the nagging suspicion that maybe I'm still not quite everything you want and deserve."
  "We love you." Euan says before kissing my forehead. 
  "Love is a strong word, Euan." Saying his name feels so foreign yet homely. "How can you 'love' me when we barely know each other? Like - that's understandable. But love?" 
  He looks me straight in the eye, resting his forehead on mine. "We know it might be hard for you to grasp that concept, but it is true. We love you simply. It is not a matter of whether someone deserves the love or not."

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angelirn angelirn Oct 31, 2017
Oh, even the Rated R books..which are basically erotica, or porn, just using words and your imagination instead of actors on a screen..thats sooo not like a rated R movie, it's a XXX movie.
mack3427 mack3427 Aug 05, 2016
I have to express an unpopular opinion, I don't like chocolate.  I like milk chocolate bars and I LOVE white chocolate (like Hershey's cookies and cream 😍) but cake and ice cream is yuk. I'm more of a candy person.
Perily Perily Dec 28, 2016
I don't really care for milk chocolate. I prefer dark and white chocolate. Even then, I can't eat that much of it. I can't eat chocolate crakes, pancakes, ice cream, ect. It's just too much. I love candy though.
Perily Perily Dec 28, 2016
That's creative! I created my user name by combining my first and last name.
Pandanatics_ForLife Pandanatics_ForLife May 29, 2016
No need to get mad at me 👉🙌 for not minding my own business 🙏🙇, its only a thought  😊😃😀👰
bbarreda bbarreda Jul 12, 2016
Omg just with this paragraph I know I'll love this book as much as chocolate.