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Danger - (V fanfic / BTS) [Completed]

Danger - (V fanfic / BTS) [Completed]

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Tess L. By N_Monster Completed

Mina has a rare disease; her eyes have the light color of purple. Even if you just take a glance at her, that's the first thing you'd notice. Because of that, she had always been homeschooling and never gone to an public school before. That was until when she could enter second year of high school. She really wanted to go to an public school after watching too much movies. She didn't realize that it wasn't her best choice in life. What her parents were afraid of, people kept pointing out her eyes' color and people was calling her names, such as alien, weirdo, etc. 
The one thing is that at the school, there was a badboy group called BTS and what she didn't know was that there was a boy at school who was her childhood best friend, first love, and he was a member of that group. 
*Currently editing*

ducktael ducktael Aug 21, 2016
well im pretty sure the love stories on there aren't as real lmao
YouAintHaveJams YouAintHaveJams Feb 16, 2016
Yes because he is freaking bad in the story or no because he recognized mina
tonguetechonogy tonguetechonogy Jul 23, 2016
Lol same in my school we like have nickname made from our friends and nobody calls us by our real name but the teachers will sometimes say our nicknames
VR_7BTS VR_7BTS Dec 10, 2016
She looks like a crybaby... I thought she'll be tough and hold her feeling, I like that kind of character
kpop_beautiful kpop_beautiful Mar 24, 2016
Okay first of all, I wanna say, I would love to have purple eyes. I wouldn't care what people thought. Okay thats all. 😂👏🙌
musical_harmonies musical_harmonies Mar 04, 2016
you were told not to interfere in his business now you are complaining about his name 😑
                              don't do that again Mina or you might get in Danger 😆