Will You Love Me......... Forever? #Wattys2015

Will You Love Me......... Forever? #Wattys2015

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Anna S By isabella_linner Updated Dec 15, 2016

© Anna Hailings-Sharma

My Loved One (MLO) Series 2 Book 2

Sequel to Drunken Mistake.... Or Not?

Marriage was the first step. Then came romance. But all the while, a dark shadow was lurking around. 

Join Cassandra and Salvatore as they continue their journey, riding over bumps and facing their fears. Their pasts.

The only question is, will they make it together? Will love be enough?

Will they love each other..... Forever?

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Did the author died that's why there is no update since 2016????
isabella_linner isabella_linner Apr 30, 2013
@VidhiPatel Haha, you're most welcome. It's the least I can do... And I'm so sorry for the delay, Wattpad was being very fussy, not publishing my story!!
harshndivine harshndivine Apr 29, 2013
                              Best gift ever...
                              And also thanks alot for including in the story...
isabella_linner isabella_linner Feb 05, 2013
@HemanginiAbichandann Haha, looks like you did!! :D
                              Yeah, well, I'm on crossroads with this one... So, I'll tell you whenever I update!! :)
HemanginiAbichandann HemanginiAbichandann Feb 04, 2013
i finally found the sequel and lo behold it says u gotta update !!! Shall wait for it :)))
isabella_linner isabella_linner Dec 29, 2012
@RachealRogers I will... It's just I'm having a major writers block here!!!
                              BTW, thanks for reading and reviewing!! I'll update as soon as I think of something good...!! :)