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Young Mate

Young Mate

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SelfieCity By SelfieCity Updated Sep 19, 2016

Ana is an ordinary girl. There isn't anything special about her. She is five years old, smart, quiet, and pale. She is an outcast, just the way she likes it. That all changes, however, when she moves to California with her mom, and meet the Alpha's son aka her next door neighbor. He is sweet and caring, for the first time in her life Ana feels excepted and loved. The only problem is he is sixteen.

Liam has it all. His dad is the Alpha, so everyone respects him. He's good looking, popular, and gets good grades. Everything in his life is looking up except the fact that he hasn't found his mate yet. What happens when he does, and she is still a kid?

Count_Stars Count_Stars Aug 12, 2016
Is it bad I kinda ship them? Like I know she's five.... Ugh! I'm a bad person😂😂😂😂
Mixie234 Mixie234 Dec 23, 2015
For me it doesn't matter the spelling. I actually prefer it, but I don't mind right spelling. I prefer to think of incorrect spelling, as a puzzle. Then I can figure out what the author is trying to say and I will understand the book better.
agcor85 agcor85 Dec 11, 2015
My son did worry about that at age 3... I was like: how such things could worry him so much? :/
-CAKE-IS-REAL- -CAKE-IS-REAL- Aug 31, 2015
I use to have a teacher and I was always quite in his class bc none of my friends where in there anyways he never actually graded my work but he did to the other kids. Unless I am smart and don't know it.
lildevil16 lildevil16 May 23, 2015
That is primary school Barbados then age of ten is high school
ginnypoo808 ginnypoo808 May 01, 2015
shouldn't she start kindergarten?! I mean not to be mean but my school said I have to start kinder at 5 not 4 so if she was born late than I see why she is five