No Strings Attached z.h

No Strings Attached z.h

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Carter Simmons By ziallfiles Completed

[ziall ; completed]

During One Direction's touring, sex isn't something any of the boys have time for.

You'd think that grabbing a fan would be simple as anything, but it's not. 

The boys don't get time to sleep, only on the plane and only a few hours for some weeks.

So, Niall and Zayn have paired up for a friends with benefits and no strings attached.

This is their third year of messing about, and there is no doubt that these 'strings' are slowly attaching.

After continuous intimacy, drunk mistakes and fights over this whole ordeal, something unusual happens.

The boys fall for each other, and both are too afraid to tell the other.

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creatingfanfics creatingfanfics Jul 25, 2016
She just used the way to describe Zayn in other way just chill u peeps.. mistake happens..
luke_is_a_twink luke_is_a_twink Jun 21, 2016
Zayn zmiled, zhuckling as he zulled the zlankets zack zover nialls zighter body
chasedfeelings chasedfeelings Aug 22, 2016
You should've said "the christian boy" for Niall if it brings out the perfect description :|
britishviand britishviand Apr 06, 2016
it looks like he'll say harry but he quickly covered it up omg zarry's everywhere
Cobalt_Jay Cobalt_Jay Nov 25, 2016
Man I feel so stupid. Legit just spent like five minutes tryna google if there was some part of the penis called a "teste".
LittleBlackBirds88 LittleBlackBirds88 Jul 19, 2016
Wow first chapter and there was already a sex scene. I think I will expect that more often from @ZIALLISLIFEE