One of the Guys | EDITING

One of the Guys | EDITING

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Growing up, Lexi Hamilton tended to spend most of her time with boys. Even as a young child, she realized that boys were less dramatic and, well, just plain fun to be around. 

Being surrounded by testosterone-filled males every day doesn't bother Lexi at all, considering she basically acts like a guy herself. 

Sure, her parents and sister tried to get her some female friends, but they eventually gave up. Lexi couldn't be bothered about girly things. 

Matt, Chris, Doug, Cody, and Jace have been her closest friends since third grade. Despite being all in different social groups, they still spend the majority of their time together. 

Of course, Lexi has had her fair share of crushes (which the boys definitely tease her about) but never has she EVER had feelings for one of her closest friends. 

That is, until senior year. 

When feelings for her best friend arise, Lexi is unsure of what to do. Should she risk losing a friendship or just try to move on?

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lenniekrammer lenniekrammer Jun 15, 2017
I'm 16 and I'm feeling a bit lonely, UM, CAN WE GET MORE OVER-14s ON THE COMMENTRY, PLEASE?
topwithsoap topwithsoap Jan 21, 2017
i read this when i was twelve and this was an amazing story.
Ree8102 Ree8102 Jan 30, 2017
I'm 14 now and I think im terrible at writing , my two works are from when I made them at age 13 so ik what feeling