Silent Luna

Silent Luna

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Sabrina Noury By h0p3less-r0m4ntic Completed

Grace is not your typical werewolf. Being taken at age eight, she endured most torture and pain that any one person should be able to bear. But when one night's chaos allows her to escape, will she really stay free? Not far after getting away she bumps into some more werewolves. Then the biggest and scariest of them claims she is his mate. Trapped by werewolves again? On top of all of her problems she can't even explain herself. She hasn't talked in 9 years and isn't about to open right up to the scary alpha that is making her feel things she has never felt before.


Hi everyone! Just so you know Silent Luna is now available on Amazon! I got it published and for copyright reasons I could not keep the whole book on WattPad. I'm sorry for any confusion! I hope you like the book!!

***There may be mature content which not everyone is comfortable with. You know the description details, you know things happened in her past which may be sensitive to some. Read at your own risk***

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MyDemure MyDemure Nov 16
I love this! Now my dream of being a werewolf has been verified by this story. 🐺
rosie676 rosie676 Nov 14
BEWARE she doesnt post the ending you have to buy the book inorder to finish it!!!
This book isnt complete, the author didnt put that info in the summary. Dont read it unless you want to buy
Lovely story
                              But i am not able buy this book on amazon 
                              Please help
Ky_Wolfe5701 Ky_Wolfe5701 7 days ago
If his weenie is just hanging there and it’s.. ya know. Big 👅. Is it touching the ground? Since he’s squatting. Same with guys and sitting on toilets... if they have larger weenies....
Put one foot in front of the other one oh oh oh i don't need a new love or a new life just a better place to die