Temptations (KageHina - Haikyuu) DISCONTINUED

Temptations (KageHina - Haikyuu) DISCONTINUED

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Gillian Xie (JellyBn) By BakedMPotato Updated Dec 25, 2014

Even in a world where vampires and humans coexist, it is still rare to find vampires in a human society. Kageyama, one of these rare vampires, finds it hard to cope with the overwhelming scents of human blood, especially the fragrance of the short orange haired boy that sits beside him...
vampire!Kageyama x human!Hinata

Warning: BoyXBoy 
Don't like? Don't read!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this story unless specified otherwise. All characters belong strictly to Furudate Haruichi.

This story has been discontinued. I may decide to pick it up again in the future, but for now this is its current status.

okay but i didnt read karauno i read kageyama so i was like why is there a sign with his name on it???
saltycobxa saltycobxa Nov 07, 2016
If i were his parents i would yell 'YOURE GAY AND I LOVE IT'
fandomreader347 fandomreader347 Nov 25, 2016
Everyone is saying titans and I'm over here like "Dinosaurs~!!! :3"
L1llyp0p L1llyp0p Nov 20, 2016
That's when you know he's the real main character
                              Window seat  main character
L1llyp0p L1llyp0p Nov 20, 2016
Lol this is like the equivalent of how canon Kageyama files his nails
its actually me rn im in my first period and im already exahusted