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Booty Flakes. By AugFromTheGram Updated Jun 13, 2016

She always knew that there was something odd about him. He was handsome, had skin like tanned milk and he liked her. He liked the dark skinned girl.

MelodyJaye- MelodyJaye- Jan 14
Stuff like this really irks my soul. Every skin tone is beautiful. And the thing that makes it even more confusing is that it's the black men that criticize darker girls the most. It's quite ignorant and very sad. Smh 😔
ObeyLastQueens ObeyLastQueens Nov 11, 2016
Rbf is something serious, all I hear "are you ok?" "Why you look like that?" "Are you mad, are you sad?" "Smile, pretty girl" and half of the time I'm fine, it's just my face
ohthatsvee ohthatsvee Nov 20, 2016
YOU?? ME!!! I hate smiling & people be like why you looking at me like that? I'm like that's just my face . And they'll say that it look like I was gonna kill them 😂
ObeyLastQueens ObeyLastQueens Nov 11, 2016
For real, some guys only talk to you when they need help with homework 😒
heroine-queen heroine-queen Dec 20, 2016
I understand that in my school niggas only go after the light skin Barbie weave wearing girls