sesshomaru love story

sesshomaru love story

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jasmainM By jasmainM Updated Sep 29, 2015

Hey guys! I just gotten watt pad, and this is my first love story. Enjoy! (P.s.)I Don't own inuyasha, but I do own Hana,

Kagome was walking inside the house. "I'm home! " she called out as she close the door. "Hello Kagome, how did the test go?" Ask her mother as she step out of the kitchen, and hug her. "It was hard but I think I did okay." She smile at her mom. Kagome was happy to be home for a few days, but she know that inuyasha will come back and get her after the 4 days is up. "Hey, sis." Said Souta as he came in the room. "Hey, Souta." She smile as she walk upstairs to her her room, her grandpa walk by her. "Say Kagome, do you remember your cousin, Hana?" She look at him and think about it. "Yeah. She's a year older than me." "Well, I just found out that something happened to her parents. So now she has to stay here with us." Kagome's mom look concern. "What happen to her parents?" He sigh. "They died in a car crash." Kagome look sad. Poor Hana. She thought. "When is she coming...

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