I Hate Life.  It Hates me too.

I Hate Life. It Hates me too.

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Jaden By herbrightjaden Updated Aug 10, 2010

       A young abused girl finds her mother dead and her father leaves.  Shes left alone then somebody kidnapps her.  This is a Watty Awards story.

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xlivelifelovex xlivelifelovex Jul 15, 2011
@rocker_girl Oh well that's definatley undertsnadaly then(: hehe
herbrightjaden herbrightjaden Jul 15, 2011
@xlivelifelovex i was a bad writer when i started this and i rushed things but as soon as i update it again i will slow it down. i was like 11 or 12. i dont remmeber but thats how all my stories went. so yeah ima slow this down when i restart it again
herbrightjaden herbrightjaden Jul 15, 2011
@loveisdead1743 uhm. theres gonna be a plot. im not very far into it. and ive been busy with some other stuff. and abused girls who lost their sisters and their mother was just killed have a reason to hate life. i dont need to woe anyone i juat need to write what i want to.
xlivelifelovex xlivelifelovex Jul 11, 2011
this would be more amazing if you added more description and slowed it down a little:)) good job anyways
loveisfictional1743 loveisfictional1743 Jul 08, 2011
.... Is there a plot? Or a reason to writing this? I just wish it was less woe as me because girls who are abused they have reasons to stay not just i hate my life