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The wolf and the Rabbit. boyXboy

The wolf and the Rabbit. boyXboy

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ms_michaelis By ms_michaelis Completed

The wolf smiled licking his lips. He had heard rabbits where delicious. He walked quietly to the bunny and grabbed him quickly. When he saw the bunny's eyes instead of wanting to kill and eat him he wanted to protect him. He had been staring into the rabbits eyes when the bunny asked, "Why won't mommy wake up?" The wolf didn't have the heart to tell him it was because she was dead. Instead he asked, "Do you have a name?" The bunny looked at him and shook his head. The wolf thought and smiled, "Your name will be Honey." The bunny smiled and yawned cuddling up to the wolf happily. He soon fell asleep in the wolfs arms. The wolf walked away from the dead woman and went to his cave Honey still in his arms.

CuoreFiamma CuoreFiamma Jun 24, 2016
Honestly, I came here because it said a wolf and bunny. Wolf [Hibari Kyoya] & Bunny [Sawada Tsunayoshi]
                              1827 fangirls, where you at?!
BearXwithXme BearXwithXme Sep 25, 2016
I'm imagining these two as Naruto and Sasuke just from swing the bunnies face.  *Sasuke as wolf,  and Naruto as bunny*
nightcoreDEMON666 nightcoreDEMON666 Jan 31, 2016
I like how the wolf looks, even tho it's not a full screen thingy
julieannaxiong julieannaxiong Jun 26, 2016
So sad ;-; but so cool in a way, I bet there gonna be a cat demon, XD
                              I think ;-;
Vampire_Demon Vampire_Demon Feb 24, 2016
I read it in one of those deep dramatic voice 
                              It sounded awesome
spicy_sweets spicy_sweets Dec 06, 2015
I suggest separating the paragraphs more. It looks a bit jumbled otherwise.