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Devon Barnes and her best friend, Dante Granger, have just finished University and move into the third story flat in a gorgeous, newly renovated town house. The excitement of her first place soon wears off for Devon as she notices some strange things happening in the flat. 

Dante brushes it off as stress from the move and Devon’s new job, so she finds herself trying to work out what is happening alone. With only a two initials scribbled on a piece of paper, she sets out to find who ZJ and SM are. 
None of the neighbours seem to want to discuss the previous tenants, but when Devon overhears them gossiping about ‘poor Spencer Morgan’ she is halfway to discovering what is going on.

Things take an unexpected turn as Dante starts to notice Devon acting out of character, and he is forced to face the truth – something out of the ordinary really is going on.

I love this part 😂 because I hated when people get into my business
Jetjacky Jetjacky Jul 20
Ah...  You don't pray then.  Wonder why you got exposed to some ghosty activities
flowerjosh flowerjosh Jul 28
i thought that was the only way
                              smh time to get educaTED !!
So how do you say it then? Didn't realize it could be pronounced different ways.
Although I'm not afraid to break a nail either I will admit sometimes it hurts like a bitch
craigsfacey craigsfacey Aug 16
Great story here! My story Habentem has some similarity to this.... could you give it a read and comment please?