EDEN: Part 1 - Exodus

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Nick Stevenson By NickStevenson Updated 3 years ago
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    *Bounty Hunter Jack Fox is a successful and well respected Hunter within the southern Nebula, earning respect within the high level ranks of the Federal Space Alliance (F.S.A). But when he runs into a young assassin who has been following his every move whilst in the middle of a high paying bounty assignment; he makes a bold decision that changes his life.  He meets unlikely allies that intertwine their lives and connect them together - to save the galaxy as they know it. A thrilling and action packed science fiction adventure awaits.
    T H E  H U N T  H A S  B E G U N.
Yeah, I noticed the copyright. Has someone been stealing your work? I'd love to check out your new chapter. Your self promotion skills are off the charts. I was wondering if you could give me any tips?
Hey Nick,
                                    Where have you been? Been looking forward to a new chapter. Also, been wanting to ask your advice...
Wow. You've got skill. Seriously! This is amazing! I don't get much time for reading, but I'm going to make time for this awesome novel. I'm adding it to my phone and will read the next part before bed. :) Keep writing!
No prob :) I know a cool story when it smacks me in the face... Ow!
I sure like your beginning of this story.  It sounds great.  Alora
I saw it was called E.D.E.N. and I thought "what are the odds of finding ANOTHER book that has my name in it?" But when I started reading it I thought "Hey this is an AWESOME story!" I'm a VERY slow reader so it doesn't bother me TOO much that it's on hold... lol