Danger || Narry AU ✔

Danger || Narry AU ✔

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Niall Horan, one of the last surviving members of the “Crimson Clan” a dwindling group of rebel dragon riders. Dragon riding had been banned 10 years ago, ‘Slayers’ being sent out to kill every dragon in existence, and in turn killing the riders as well. What easier way to kill a dragon than to kill its rider? Riders and dragons went into hiding, secretly continuing their practice.

King Leonard, the new ruling king had vowed to take down the last surviving rebel riders. His plan, take down the leader and everything else would crumble to the ground. He sent his absolute best Slayer: Harry Styles.

On his journey he’s injured, then he runs into Niall and his dragon- whom have taken a sort of sympathy for the boy allowing him to tag along until he’s healed unknowing of his favorite hobby.

While the pair and his dragon are ‘on the run’ from the king, will Niall find out who the real Harry is? Will Harry see that maybe riders aren’t so bad?



Boyxboy material



*Side Ziam*

*This is FanFiction, I do not own One Direction or their affiliates. The contents of this story is fiction, and created by in my mind. None of these events have happened. 

It's those that see the world differently that will one day rule it.

{NaNoWriMo 2014}

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Goofybrunette Goofybrunette Apr 22, 2016
Second time reading! I'm actually curious of what I thought when I first read this. I know I loved every single bit about it xx
Goofybrunette Goofybrunette Apr 22, 2016
Shhh you don't know that. In a secret world they could've - okay I'm just kidding
- - Jul 14, 2015
I'm glad this is already finished so I can read this whole thing tonight (what I mean is getting no sleep)
- - Jul 14, 2015
U r about to get spammed by my comments on literally every thought Harry has
Styles_Dannya Styles_Dannya Jun 27, 2015
I think I've seen a movie like this called 'Sapphire ' don't remember if it's right lol. I know for a reason that I'm going to love this story
TineLoveHarry TineLoveHarry Feb 23, 2015
I planned to read this before, now I did. I think I will love this.