The Pawn [Imposter Sequel]

The Pawn [Imposter Sequel]

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Nichole By haferness3 Completed

Ainsley just wants to live life. 
She wants to forget her childhood, forget her fears, forget her sister - and live normally.  But how can she forget, when her fears haunt her constantly? When her sister keeps popping in and out of her life, creating trouble as she pleases? 

Jay is driven by revenge. 
His whole being is centred upon destroying the one person who has marked him irrevocably. He lives each day in solitude, searching for a way to reach Lisa, the one and only person he hates with such an incomparable passion. 

When Jay sees an opportunity to finally draw Lisa out of hiding, he pounces at it. He expects Ainsley to be just like Lisa. He also expects Lisa to risk capture to come save her one and only sister. What he doesn't expect is for Ainsley to be completely different from Lisa. He doesn't consider the fact that he might not hate Ainsley, but just find her incredibly annoying. He most certainly does not consider, or expect, to be attracted to Ainsley, who is quite blatant about her attraction to him. 

What starts off as an attempt to draw out NANO's, and Jay's, mortal enemy from hiding, just might turn into something more darker, deadlier...something more passionate. Something that will make Jay reevaluate his priorities, and question what is important...his revenge, or his attraction.

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XxXPinkyXxX XxXPinkyXxX Sep 02, 2013
Totally not going to get any sleep tonight. First book was awesome and now on to book numero dos. Great so far btw.
RNMurray RNMurray May 04, 2011
Yo....awesome what ca I saw. The dialogued flowed smoothly and flet natural. 
                              Virtually flawless with the grammer.
                              All in all great read.
xxXWicked_LovelyXxx xxXWicked_LovelyXxx Aug 22, 2010
Haha I love how she taunts him and annoys him! I also love how she has all these fears but finds ways to distract herself from them and even overcome them in a way.
daisybowman daisybowman Aug 08, 2010
@haferness3 My first romance novel I read was probably "Whitney my love" by Judith Mcnaught. After that istarted with everything else, then I became a hopeless romantic ;)  hehe. 
                              My fave from the bridgertons is prob Daphne's and Eloise's. :D but of course they were all amazing :D
haferness3 haferness3 Aug 08, 2010
@daisybowman dude all her books are amazing. well...the newest ones aren't as fantastic, but they're still good. the heiress one is my fav tho b/c caroline has the same bday as me :) hmm my fav bridgerton book is def anthony's story :) it was the first romance novel i read:) 
daisybowman daisybowman Aug 08, 2010
@haferness3 Thats one of my fave from hers too! I sorta worship her writing so that's how I remembered this part ;D. I also like her bridgerton series :)