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Thank You for the Venom (Frerard/Ferard)

Thank You for the Venom (Frerard/Ferard)

63.7K Reads 3.8K Votes 24 Part Story
pansy By FrankYouForTheLemon Completed

Frank has been bullied everyday of school for as long as he can remember. He has never had any friends and not much of a family, either.

That's when he meets someone to completely turn it all around.

!!!Trigger Warning!!!
Contains self harm and suicide attempts.

demolitionrow demolitionrow Oct 04, 2016
well if he's a fag then you're gonna smoke yourself to death
xofronkeh xofronkeh Feb 13
I can't tell if this is literally just a repost of summertime with a different title or what but I don't like it
This fic is low key liTerally summertime. The forest, the dead mother, the alcoholic father, bullying, I don't know how I feel about this
This isn't summertime vibes this is legit summertime story line just changing things to make it theirs I'm kinda :////
AnnieHuck AnnieHuck Nov 30, 2016
Frank, legit everyone loves you, especially Gerard wonk wonk ;)
You know In the beginning i was like okay a little dash of summertime vibes over here maybe sprinkle some over there but now someone just poured a whole bucket of summertime and now I can't control my teenage hormones 
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