Dark Side of the Moon *COMPLETE*

Dark Side of the Moon *COMPLETE*

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KN Faulk By fobfreak1 Completed


Selina Scott is not happy that her family has moved to the middle of nowhere halfway through her senior year.  She detests Moonlight Falls the moment they enter the city limits, and argues with her parents about the move.  She doesn't make any new friends at her new school, unlike her younger brother.  She just wants to return to Charleston.

But one night, Selina is out for a stroll, trying to cool off from a fight with her parents, when she is attacked by a wolf.  Left for dead, help doesn't arrive until Selina is near her end.  Miraculously, she comes out of her ordeal virtually unscathed.  A few days later, though, Selina's body slowly changes.  She has no idea what's going on and why she feels drawn to a group of people at her school.  They're loud and rowdy, not her typical crowd.  But she feels that they have the answers to her questions.

Will London Fairbanks, the self-proclaimed leader of the rowdy bunch, be able to help Selina?  Will she be able to cope with the answers?  Find out when you travel to the Dark Side of the Moon.

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