Him || The Scorch Trials

Him || The Scorch Trials

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Welc0meT0MyW0rld By Welc0meT0MyW0rld Updated Nov 27

Phase Two: The Scorch Trials.

Alongside her friends, Mara is entered into the real world, and finds that nothing is the way she thought it would be. An illness called The Flare infects the brain, and the world was scorched by the sun. There are only twenty of them left, or so they thought. Can they trust WICKED? Will their enemies become their saviours?

He is her chance of survival. He is the glue. He is the one that will keep her going. 

Maybe she can save him. Maybe he cannot be saved.


This is the second installment in the Her Trilogy, a Maze Runner Fanfiction.

supyara supyara Aug 06
Maybe it's her time of the month she acting bitchy so she need a cookie
NinaDee08 NinaDee08 Oct 03
you called your book the scorch trials but its based on the maze runner?
MeLuvBooks7 MeLuvBooks7 Feb 14
This is why I don't like Teresa. Like ok, if you don't betray them, WICKED will kill all the gladers, but do you really have to go that far with it?
Teresa you shank stop stabbing Mara for no good reason .... Or is there a reason?
HRL121 HRL121 Oct 28, 2015
Wait, is she the screaming they hear in The Scorch Trials when they find Teresa?!!!! 0_0