The Last Queen, Book One

The Last Queen, Book One

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The story of the most notorious woman in history: Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt

"Men have called me many things in my life. Whore, wife, savior, queen, goddess, wanton, betrayer, ally, murderer, sister, daughter, lover, friend."

The last ruler of an ancient people, Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt grew up in the dangerous court of Alexandria, where inheritance of power may rest in a drop of poison, or a knife between the shoulder blades. Loving daughter to her father, forced into marriage with her brother...Cleopatra would use her wiles and wits to become the sole ruler of Egypt and the lover of the two most powerful men of Rome; Caesar and Marc Antony. 
Through her struggles to survive and retain her power, she would become one of the most famous and iconic women of history...but the real woman would become as cloaked in mystery as her name was, is her story, from her own mouth. 

Cleopatra: The Last Queen

"The truth is not within their ink. 

The truth is written in my heart, and may be read by the Gods alone."

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syllabuspearl syllabuspearl Mar 15, 2017
Im a huge fan of stories from that era, having started with Conn Iggulden. Its really refreshing to see one on Wattpad. Its a huge plus that you write with very intense emotions really well, allowing me to capture the essence of Cleopatra.
Senzysen Senzysen Apr 08
Words driving me to yearn more and more of the story. Such eloquently written! Already getting addicted
Blanket_Pig Blanket_Pig Feb 02
At least they didn't pull a Hatshepsut on her and try to erase her from history.
Blanket_Pig Blanket_Pig Feb 02
"You have no control over 
                              Who lives,
                              Who dies,
                              Who tells your story."
Blanket_Pig Blanket_Pig Feb 02
Wanton? Like those dumpling things that they put in soup? I'm confused.
This is soo beautifully written, as though she wrote it down herself