Mr Popular is my brother?

Mr Popular is my brother?

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Sehrum ☺️ By sehrum02x Completed

Meet Jenny: Hard working, straight A student, sometimes gets bulllied and is classed as a nerd.

Meet Nathan: New student and starts to have a liking towards Jenny. But is carried away by the popular group.

But when Nathan and Jenny become friends they hold the most shocking secrets ever.

Hey can u fix grammar mistakes like
                              Here: in this place 
                              Hear: listened 
                              Thxx oh and this is a great story totally voting
Cbri_0707 Cbri_0707 Jul 24
"I really wish you were here**** Jay." Lol sorry had to correct you...😐
No I don't think so I think you'll have to buy the whole world out of make up remover for it to be completely off and then some
SaharNabil SaharNabil Jan 19
Um, i dont understand how later in the story he and Jenny are in the same class...?
Kittkat147 Kittkat147 Jan 12
i automatically thought she was like related to the queen of hearts
ILiterallyCantDecide ILiterallyCantDecide Nov 13, 2015
It seems pretty interesting, and not cliche...
                              BUT, i have one major concern.
                              Love is tagged in the story and we just found out her brother is biological so i hope it's not him.