Mr Popular is my brother?

Mr Popular is my brother?

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Sehrum ☺️ By sehrum02x Completed

Meet Jenny: Hard working, straight A student, sometimes gets bulllied and is classed as a nerd.

Meet Nathan: New student and starts to have a liking towards Jenny. But is carried away by the popular group.

But when Nathan and Jenny become friends they hold the most shocking secrets ever.

charlene2004444 charlene2004444 May 15, 2016
Hey can u fix grammar mistakes like
                              Here: in this place 
                              Hear: listened 
                              Thxx oh and this is a great story totally voting
bretheblessing bretheblessing Jul 24, 2016
"I really wish you were here**** Jay." Lol sorry had to correct you...😐
shadow_spirit_ shadow_spirit_ Jul 17, 2016
No I don't think so I think you'll have to buy the whole world out of make up remover for it to be completely off and then some
wjzdhhfudhd wjzdhhfudhd Dec 31, 2016
I feel like author-chan has a strong hate for Lucy Heartfillia.
SaharNabil SaharNabil Jan 19, 2016
Um, i dont understand how later in the story he and Jenny are in the same class...?
Kittkat147 Kittkat147 Jan 12, 2016
i automatically thought she was like related to the queen of hearts