The Secrets Within (AOT - Eremin Fanfiction)

The Secrets Within (AOT - Eremin Fanfiction)

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Caitlin Bifulco By Biffleinator_xx Completed

warning: old and shitty story, suicidal, cutting, other triggering mentions, read at ur own risk


Armin Arlert was a simple 23 year old guy. Job, girlfriend, everything seemed to be going well.
That was until he met Eren Jaeger.

Now Armin's life has been turned upside down. They move in together as roomates and its all fun and games until Armin notices Eren is hiding something big. What follows is alot of secrets and alot of consequences.

But you know what they say, opposites attract.

Well atleast you can spare us of the petraxtree, Armins scream when Eren dies in the dubbed version and Marcos half jokes
Animu_Girl Animu_Girl Nov 26
I love AoT but i have to say that the first anime i watched was peach girl a not very well known anime so it will always have a special place in my heart
iam_a_OTAKU iam_a_OTAKU Oct 19
AoT was my first anime but my favorites are alwats gonna be Tokyo Ghoul and then Fairy Tail
You'd be surprised at how fast some stories go 
                              I don't like it
itsquietdowntown itsquietdowntown Dec 22, 2015
i literally can't find any eremin fanfiction on wattpad that take place in the snk universe if anyone knows any good fanfiction like that can you please pm me (and i would prefer that none if the major characters die)
zanime_seraph zanime_seraph Nov 11, 2015
OMG im reading through this and i already follow you on instagram and you are one of my favourite accounts seriously (≧∇≦)