falling in love with you again // bts min yoongi

falling in love with you again // bts min yoongi

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They separated unwillingly, and  when she finally went back to where they used to be together.

He was gone.

She tried to forget his existence in her heart and no matter how much she tried, it seemed impossible- before someone special appeared in her life.

But she didn't realise her childhood friend she had been looking for was there with her since the very start.

cover: @94SEOK

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VampireDarkprincess VampireDarkprincess Nov 26, 2017
Lai Guanlin is on the cover and I got really confused to whose fanfic this was
softsung softsung Apr 04, 2017
I would be one of those girls, except I would be wayyyyyyyyyy worse
xamantha_080109 xamantha_080109 May 11, 2017
Tru--- Wait! It was supposed to be Bang PDnim line right? Hehehe!
softsung softsung Apr 04, 2017
This is so true that I'm crying. It's sad that so many people out there don't appreciate him and even hate him.
- - Oct 30, 2016
it's me, i was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet
chogidank chogidank Apr 12, 2016
If I saw bts at the airport I already kissed 4 of them and stole some of their hair to clone em