changed | lucaya

changed | lucaya

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"if only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies how different our ideals of beauty would be." 

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note: this was my first book and i hate it with a passion yAy

I'm a girl. Trust me! And I can't stand wearing a skirt or dress without a reason. It needs to be real important to get me into one. Missy, I already don't like you.😊
Smiles46 Smiles46 Nov 27
I hate wearing dresses and skirts everytime  I wear them my friends are just like WTF are you doing because I wear them like every few months and I have a constant fear that they show my panty line
Your not blushing just that your face is turing red with embarrassment or other emotions
I'm doing a marathon where I read all your Lucaya books 😈
Dude. 😂 that is so like 5 years ago. Even though I say it as a joke with my friends
lucayagmw12 lucayagmw12 Aug 13
I would have slapped Missy and pull her hair like tf ain't no one talking to me like that