Chasing Bliss (Bliss Series Book 3) SAMPLE CHAPTERS ONLY

Chasing Bliss (Bliss Series Book 3) SAMPLE CHAPTERS ONLY

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MichelleJoQuinn By MichelleJoQuinn Completed

CHASE, the undisputed queen of dark scowls and moody behavior, has many secrets.

What's the most closely guarded of them all? She's fallen in love.  And despite what she's led others to believe, it isn't the first time.

In one afternoon, the old secrets Chase has kept hidden surface, and her past collides with her present.

With her exposed, Chase has to make difficult decisions.  Which path will she take, return to the life she's left behind, or stay where she has nurtured a life on her own?

And when the heart she's protected for so long threatens to break, who will step in to repair the damage?  Daniel, the knight in shining armor from her past, or Alex, the surprise sweetheart from her present?

© MichelleJoQuinn 2015

This is the stand alone book three of BLISS SERIES.

Book One: Confessions of a Wedding Planner
Book Two: The Bachelor's Guide to a Perfect Proposal

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AicaGelvoleo AicaGelvoleo Dec 05, 2016
Very attractive and vulnerble but able to controll her lust ...
papawasarollingstone papawasarollingstone Jan 27, 2016
Oh ! So she already knew him before Nica had the chance to present him
uncapital uncapital Oct 01, 2015
I'm going back to 505, if it's a seven hour flight or a forty five minute drive. And Alexandre - Alex Turner. Totally fangirling
kriswufans kriswufans Sep 28, 2015
sorry i cant get it, when was the first time chase met alex? lil confey here
messyfirstdraft messyfirstdraft Sep 15, 2015
Lol, I love how she describes it as slobbery while we have already read what Levi and Nica's terms are for it.
messyfirstdraft messyfirstdraft Sep 15, 2015
Every added word in the description of this kiss had me producing a weird, guttaral, throaty grunt. 
                              Never have I ever had such a reaction to any other book. 
                              That's a compliment to your amazingly realistic writing. x