Garfield Logan AKA Beastboy is an outgoing, sporty, popular type of guy. He's the captain of the basketball team, blonde and beautiful emerald green eyes.

Rachel Roth AKA Raven is the shy all A student. She spends most of her time in the library reading and doesn't have many friends.

Now when Beastboy's putting all his time and effort into nothing but basketball, his grades are failing.

His parents aren't happy. 

He goes to the smartest girl in class for help. Will Raven be able to help him? Or leave him be?

After all, Beastboy only needs a grade higher than C to pass..

That's me when I mad... 
                              "Can I_...Me:No
                              "Would you like something_Me:No
                              Do you want a puppy...Me:Bitch hell ya
nobody012345678 nobody012345678 Jul 01, 2016
This ligit my mom right there
                              *calls mom and tells her to read *
                              It's you
Light_Iamagay Light_Iamagay Nov 20, 2016
if you ripped my book you would be six feet under ground consider yourself lucky that she just stopped talking to you
MinYoongixXx93 MinYoongixXx93 Jan 17, 2016
I think you sound really cool, if that's weird I'm sorry I'm weird and I like to be that way I like your story it's neat and cool
brittanybueno101 brittanybueno101 Mar 19, 2015
you can practically skip as many classes as younwant if you are in any club im so lucky i play soccer,basketball,football,music,art and swim club im also the captian of all of them im so lucky i can skip math
citrusdance citrusdance Jan 12, 2015
My school doesnt let you do extra stuff like sports if you have under a C in any of your classes