Meet My (Fake) Husband! - GaLe FanFic

Meet My (Fake) Husband! - GaLe FanFic

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Gajeel Redfox needs a wife.
And fast!

Although he may be CEO of Redfox Industries, his father won't respect him until he proves that he can do something on his own, which is finding himself a wife.

Threatened to have the company taken from him and handed down to his cousin Rogue, Gajeel hires Levy to be his fake wife for six months.

The bookworm agrees, but there are some rules she has to follow.

The main rule: don't fall in love.

But is the rule going to be broken?

I do not own Fairy Tail in any way.

Me: squealing my head off
                              Sister"what are you?..."
                              Me "fandom"
                              Sister "oh..m"
He smacked her butt and said good.That ain't gonna be his fake wife for long.She be his real wife soon or in his room with him.
ps favourite movie from disney is Atlantis you got good taste in movies and writing style
- - Apr 08, 2016
If this was real life I'm pretty sure I'd be calling the cops
purpledances purpledances Apr 27, 2016
Gajeel seems like the person who would call Levy bitch or something😂
Firegirl7 Firegirl7 Apr 11, 2015
yeah... isn't it? even i have much more. .. a little bit like nothing i guess XD