My Name Is Maria Gilbert

My Name Is Maria Gilbert

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FrenchieFrench By WinchestersRated-R Updated Mar 06

Maria Gilbert. The twin of Elena Gilbert, that's how everyone saw her and for a very long time she lived with with it. She was content that her sister was the perfect child. 

But that soon changed when Damon and Stefan Salvatore walk into her life, tipping her world upside down and changing her life forever.

The way she looked at life completely shattered and it impacts her relationship with her sister in a drastic way.

She will experience new feelings and find new love but she will also lose what she once had.

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Trishawishya Trishawishya a day ago
well I don't see a contract mark  and pinkish eyes anywhere so he can't be!
mvrderville mvrderville Mar 28, 2017
She's giving Arianna Gilbert a run for her money (who else has read 'Arianna Gilbert'??!!!)
bowlollipop bowlollipop Jan 07
I'm like that too😂 when someone asks me if I have a sister I say she's only 11 months and 12 days older than me😂
Tenaringa Tenaringa May 11
I always get what I want:I was like that girl channeling her inner Kathrine
teamdamon_ teamdamon_ Jun 03, 2017
This always makes me think of enzo and how she ends up with him I think it's quite ironic anyone else?
kethereals kethereals Apr 14, 2017
i'm sorry but the "orbs" shît just drives me crazy. no hate. this book seems really interesting but wtf