Levi x reader oneshots

Levi x reader oneshots

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Ninja A and Ninja J By Thewritingninjas Updated Jan 04, 2015


Hey this is our first one shot and I hope you enjoy!!!

~Ninja J and Ninja A


______'s POV

I stomped angrily down the castle halls. Huffing and mumbled bad things about him under my breath. How dare he say that to all the cadets. He has no right to tell everyone about my secret. I'm a fucking squad leader! How is anyone sopossed to respect or take me seriously if they all knew I pissed myself on my first expedition! I can still picture his smug face and the way he tried to hold in a laugh. I'm gonna bitch slap that clean freak to the floor! He's already close enough to the ground as it is!

I kept walking to who knows where until I stopped and looked at his door. Levi's office, know what I'm gonna give him a piece of my mind. I slam open the door and then closed it loudly. "Levi yo-...." I stopped myself and looked around his office. He's not here? I thought he said he was gonna be in his office after he "spilled the beans".

I go ove...

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Priya-Gaha Priya-Gaha Nov 04
Yeah.. that sounds was yesterday. 
                              I am asking for today Jean !
My wallpaper on my computer is a drawing of Levi in a wedding dress kissing bleach 😂😂😂
LolaAsh5 LolaAsh5 3 days ago
I have to wear a dress.....soon I don't want to go to this place or were a dress but my mom forced me too
LolaAsh5 LolaAsh5 3 days ago
Not a bad idea *marries helpful bleach* I'm now married to my wonderful husband bleach
I don't know if any one will get this but.      I'm one hell of a tiny horse
marichat136 marichat136 Oct 30
Please stop with these amazing jokes can't stop laughing 😂😂😂😂😂