The Vampire

The Vampire

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JohnCEvans By JohnCEvans Updated Oct 31, 2014

"The Vampire" By John C Evans

Past the churchyard's dreary lot,
Where the sad monks chant their liturgical refrain-
Under the gilded bands of a brandished cross,
Fixed atop a steeple's soring span-
I dream of you,
And sigh.
Mountains of ash.
Rivers of tears.

Hours of soft rain,
Clearer than the drunkard's upraised glass,
All conspire to upbraid me,
For the guilt my rash words proffered.
Believe me child,
When I say,
I did not mean to cast you hence,
Like a nave amongst ravening wolves,
Eager for some grotesque parting.
Poor son-
Heir of my heart's loathing-

Blood is not my heart's aim.
Only the nourishment,
Its nectar breeds.
O how did we come to this?
How could I,
Above all men,
Stoop to such a Faustian promise?
A pact with devils warrants death.
But still I wander on,
Cold and breathless,
Beloved by none-
Being a creature of stealth,
And brooding hatred.

The curse of Cane,
Stains my lips,
And dyes these hands,
The color of candid war.
To think I once was a prince of battles-
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