Is a story of a ghost's nightly journey across a night time city in search of his love from life, since he was taken from her by robbers in the street. Tonight though, he travels to mournful music in the city air which draws him on to a revelation which will break his broken heart or mend it.
    Solo Symphony is one of several stories on Wattpad from my published collection - Worlds of Shadow - available on Amazon in paperback and e-book. Also available on Amazon is my novel The Hereafter.
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I don't think your story is depressing at all! How can it be, working out the way it did?? Good for the ones who love. what must she do here in the world without him? Die, die, i say!
This is the first amazing paranormal story I ever read... Upload more soon and let me know if you published the next chapter.
... This is beautiful. Depressing, but absolutely beautiful.
@TheOrangutan Indeedily.
                                    @Avrettos sounds good. I tend to be a bit on the honest side, but I've been working on it. The doctor says its hopeless though (the doc being my wife).