Seeing Through (Scomiche)

Seeing Through (Scomiche)

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Satan By _opheliac Completed

Alexander Kirk is the first to notice.

Mitch and Scott have been best friends for years, and they thought that nothing could change their friendship.

But as life goes on and they're forced to make some changes, they realize that something is different..and maybe is too late to do anything.

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Just a heads up, I may give critique but I'll try to make it constructive :)
Woah is this the future friends video? (Literally reading this to pass the time waiting for the video to come out in 9 minutes)
Well that's normal. 
                              Well, actually if it was hard and he didn't apologise straight away then it isn't.
saffyrose saffyrose Aug 13
okay but the fact that alex is upset about this... bless him
well I mean they do sleep together they LIVE IN THE SAME PLA- wait u mean like, doing the dirty?
Really? 'Cause ur English is better than me, and it's my mother tongue. Ugh, I can't even write in English without spelling and grammatical mistakes...