Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios

Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios

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Carrot Eating Python By Sylvia_Mae Updated Mar 31

Hello, fellow CP lovers out there! 

Welcome to yet another reader insert! Wow, such originality. Much creative.

I love Creepypasta as much as that guy over there, and I’ve been reading so many amazing Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios and thought, “hey, why not join this community? Why the hell not?!”

In this Book, you are the girlfriend of ten Creepypastas! 

Wow. I love them all.

Read this book and you’ll feel happy, sad, horny, weird and possibly falling more in love with these handsome monsters!

Requests may vary...

I do not own the Creepypastas. All rights are reserved to their owners!

 See you, Spawns of Zalgo!

GabieHoran17 GabieHoran17 7 days ago
Tch, that because you dont believe in jack frost-- i mean laughing jack.
GabieHoran17 GabieHoran17 7 days ago
Im not only  a devil child, but im also a meme child 😂😂😂
Chimeracle Chimeracle Nov 11
😂😂😂😂😂 Id Marry him if he was that funny all the time
This is how fangirls React already:
                              Me:*Smiling*I know he's gonna pop up.
                              Random Fangirl:NO SPOILERS
Blank_010 Blank_010 Nov 13
Anxiety ruins everything mostly social life but it seems she/we're hitting it off with Toby pretty well
GabieHoran17 GabieHoran17 7 days ago
*holds up kitchen knife* hey! ^-^ i have one too! No. Im not a pyscho