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Silver Eyes

Silver Eyes

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_jailbird_ By _jailbird_ Updated Jun 30, 2016

"Mom!" I yell panic.

The kings soldiers had my parents on the dirty ground alone with they're Syncs. 

"Run! Get out of here Portia! They're here for yo-" My dad yells but was cut off a soldier who kicked him in the head.

Before I can even move my feet, I was knock to the ground by a great force. I scream in pain as claws dug into my back.

My skin started to burn. Julius wants out. He was in a rage. Tearing down the cage I locked him in inside of me. But I knew if he get out he would destroy my whole town and everyone in it out of rage of me being hurt.

The claws in my back dug deeper. My scream was stuck in my throat when I felt one of them scratch my spine. It was so painful it made me loosen my hold on Julius, just a little. But it was enough for him to break free.

gabrielle0987 gabrielle0987 Apr 12, 2016
She's like me when i was youmg nobody came to play with me so i got used to it but now when someone is to friendly with me i sometime become violent it's getting on my nerves😩😭
Lotte_Plantinga Lotte_Plantinga Sep 18, 2016
Sating isn't a word btw. Taking a seat in the back* or sitting in the back*
Lotte_Plantinga Lotte_Plantinga Sep 18, 2016
Mm there are alot of grammar faults.  But it's fine, most people read past it. Im just really a grammar nazi😂😂😂
OmegaSigh OmegaSigh Feb 19, 2016
"If you get one, you wasn't meant to have one."
                              What the hell is this supposed to mean, Jailbird?
                              It dose not make sense.
_ShadowPanda_ _ShadowPanda_ Sep 27, 2016
My friend has purple and its really really real because i poked her in the eyes and they werent contacts
Lotte_Plantinga Lotte_Plantinga Sep 18, 2016
Lol I would bc I loveee bright eyes. I have light light liiiight green eyes with a pinch of blue on the sides