The Girl In Black

The Girl In Black

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Amenah By What_Big_EyesO_O Updated Jan 09, 2018

He was now inches away from her. A wave of confidence surged in him, urging him to cross the metaphorical sea between them. The need had never been more urgent, his love... never so pure.
Raising her face to his, David looked into her eyes and said, "I know you wouldn't believe me, but I need to tell you that-- I---- 'you are being followed!'" 
Some things... are better left unsaid.

And hearing those words, Zahra awoke, as if from a stupor. So the gang had reached her too. But her mind buzzed from his proximity, and her thoughts whirled. 
Yet she was determined to be in denial. About everything. And deny she would.

 "I'm surprised at your 'concern', Mr. Walworth!" she replied acidly, "yet I never heard such nonsense in my life. And it would be better if you keep your distance from me, because I do not entertain what vile thoughts you're conceiving in your mind."

Being just a 23-yr old hijab-clad, conservative girl, and working at the HQ of highly coveted bank of 'Walworth & Co.' breaks all sorts of stereotypes. Or does it? 
Because like every other man of the world, the Bank's short-fused CEO, David Walworth scrunches his nose every time he sees her. To him, her 'robe' is outrageously primitive.

But as inexperienced as she is, Zehra has never been mocked for her beliefs before. At their very first meeting, sparks fly, since she is 'impolite' enough to retaliate to his jibes.
The result: Zehra is an instant enemy and David is determined to hate her. And being his enemy means - 'trouble for eternity.'  

Although hating the girl is  unavoidable, falling in love with her gentleness & naivety is unavoidable too. 
But jewels like her don't come easy. 
Will David be prepared to pay the price?

Cover by @soundthealarm.

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