You Can't Control Me Alpha [ON HOLD]

You Can't Control Me Alpha [ON HOLD]

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It's a secret By lovebooknerds18 Updated Nov 24, 2016


I highly doubt anyone's still reading this but, if so I'm going to put this story under reconstruction and try and make it much better than it was from years ago. I'm not sure if I'm going to change some of the plot or if I'm just going to stick with it. I have no idea on what anyone wants from this book 😅 so I'm going to try my best to keep it and I'm not sure if anyone wants it all to be published in one go (that may take a while) or publish by each chapter I edit) 

I didn't want to face any of them right now or anyone at all.
"Angelica wait!" Grant's voice echoed I was in the forest attempting to escape the world and get lost in my thoughts.
I ran faster even with the new strength I could feel pulsing through my veins I knew I couldn't outrun him.
"Wait Angelica, I can explain everything" he pleads but I through his lies I gave him a second chance to confess himself.
I am tugged by my arm and I finally face him and even as I told myself no more tears, I couldn't help my face stream with tears.
I swallowed deeply and he awaited my response "Explain what. That you went behind my back and kissed someone I despise just because we had a disagreement"
He tries to hold my face but I turn away "it wasn't like that I promise"
"I don't need to listen to you"

Angel is a 17 year old werewolf, she can't shift and she gets bullied for that, she's sweet and kind always follows the rules to get out of trouble. Very sporty but shy. The only family she has left is her alpha uncle James. She has a trusty best friend who loves parties and is out going. Her life changes when she meets her Alpha mate, she uncovers the lies she was told to believe. She finds out her blood is powerful, that any werewolf is to envy but it is also dangerous because it is the key to a dark revolution. Will she unlock it? Or will she control it?

The past always links to the present.

Please do not copy or steal my story.

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