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カルメン By parxsyte Updated Nov 22, 2016

Jesse Ferwood is the Omega of the Blue Moon pack. As told by everyone, Omegas aren't supposed to be as beautiful as the other born wolves, but Jesse is drop dead gorgeous. Having to move to a new pack after his alpha decides that it's time for him to grow up and handle himself alone. Jesse is handed over to the Black Wolves.

The Black Wolves are ruthless, rough, and fearless. They live in the woods unlike any other normal pack. They hunt for food unlike other packs. They have combats. They even train soldiers for battles.

Xavier Andrews is the Alpha of the Black Wolves. He is ruthless and fearless. After he agrees to train an Omega as his own, he is surprised by the beautiful boy at his door. Wet and hungry. Bruises covering his delicate skin. 

An Omega can't be an Alpha's mate. It's impossible. They are the complete opposite. But what if the Moon Goddess made a mistake. Maybe it was all just a small mistake.

Warning:Mature content, sex, mpreg, abuse, death, language, self harm.

kuroplease kuroplease Apr 22, 2016
I'm sorry nobody notices you Canada. But you're in a book so you can be happy
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Tim, Sassy, and joe why aren't you practicing for you dance recital!??
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I think I've read it...but I don't remember so I'm gonna read it again
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Yay!! Lol I actually prefer the anime pictures over the actual people.