Head Over Heels:Book 4:Hidden Secrets: Justin Bieber Love Story

Head Over Heels:Book 4:Hidden Secrets: Justin Bieber Love Story

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LostxInxStereo By LostxInxStereo Updated Jul 09, 2013

Oh my god. I'm so upset. I think that app published all of my rough drafts for the story - you guys were only supposed to see the on I published - and you saw so many things that were supposed to be hug surprises. I'm so upset. I'm never using that app again. Like I deleted it, but I know a lot of you read it.

First off, if you saw it was Justin's POV, clearly it was wrong. Justin has his own separate set of books, it wouldn't take place in this one.

It's because I wrote them in the same category and literally (I'm not spoiling it for those who haven't read it) You weren't supposed to see his little dream sequence for months.) In so disappointed...

Now you guys know what happens, so it's like why even freaking write the story...

Anyway...here is the real first part...



Ok, so I'm so excited for this book! I don't know if hockey is going on in January in Canada...but it does on this book! LOL

(That was before I cried and found out other things had been publi...

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VictoriaColegrove VictoriaColegrove Nov 30, 2015
what book and chapter was it when they came home from there date and her dad was there I can't remember
bizzlex bizzlex Jun 02, 2014
i am do confused with the order of the books can someone help me out ??? plleeaassee i really want to read these fanfics
michaela_jean6 michaela_jean6 Nov 30, 2013
Your such a wonderful writer!! I just get confused on what book to read. Like should I read this one before or after Justin`s point of view.
-firingthoughts -firingthoughts Oct 03, 2013
please dont stop. I miss HOH. I read all the books 3 times. Please update? You are a great writer
drea4515 drea4515 Sep 28, 2013
I have been reading the series and its is amazing its so interesting and you arr an amazing writer
sarbearbieber sarbearbieber Sep 14, 2013
i was wondering if u could tell me, which is the book that Justin was in that car accident and then u know what comes after but i love this series and i am just a little confused with all the different books, i read book 1 and 2, 3 and 4, but there seems to be others as well.....can u help me?