Height [Lashton AU]

Height [Lashton AU]

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Max W. Ly By iCheeseYou Completed

“I may be shorter than you, but I most certainly do not bottom.”



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SoSowwy SoSowwy Apr 09
i'm already hypervenilating and i don't know why, aaaaggghhh
I read top and bottom 5sos like if the smut and story's good I'll read it
Gay sex is like fractions. The bigger one is almost never on top
Stewie92603 Stewie92603 Jul 08
I searched Ashton Irwin on urban dictionary cause yesterday was his birthday and one of the things it said was he's known for having a daddy kink
Tsukaite Tsukaite Nov 12
Every Lashton story that I came across only had Ashton as top so I don't really mind.
I've been searching for a story where Alston tops. So rn I'm like hallelujah