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Lure // Jordan Parrish

Lure // Jordan Parrish

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♤ melissa ♤ By AintThatDevine Updated Jan 10

She was told she was crazy when she claimed she saw someone with red eyes kidnap her siblings. People told her she was only guilty that they went missing on her watch.
     Fourteen years stood between the incidents but still the Carson family dealt with the same horrors.
     The problem never started in the small northern Californian place, but it always ended there.
     A year after the disappearance of her brother, Ellah moved to the blood soaked town figure out exactly what happened to her siblings.
     But maybe she was lured to Beacon Hills for a reason.
And she, seemingly harmless, would be the downfall of everything

// season four //

Is it weird that I'm Canadian yet I say bloody and instead of saying mom like my friends I say mum with an accent... I watch HP way too much
Peter, I know you like being the center of attention, but really?
SpeciosaEspinosa SpeciosaEspinosa Sep 06, 2016
Dammit Derek, or Scott. Nope it's Derek. Scott wouldn't activate alpha eyes for nothing.
He better not be hiding.  He better not be hiding.  He better be hiding.
-voidmarvel -voidmarvel Sep 01, 2016
You wanna talk about winter? I live in Canada we are winter like Jesus Christ -40 temperatures are normal for us