The Sheridan Institute Files

The Sheridan Institute Files

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Susan Dennard By stdennard Updated Dec 05, 2014

The year is 1881, and five years have passed since the events of the SOMETHING STRANGE & DEADLY series. Eleanor Fitt and the Spirit-Hunters are comfortable (and perhaps a bit complacent) as professors at the Sheridan Institute, a place for students both strange and necromantic.

Yes, some of Eleanor's students (namely the troublemaker Tristan Lang) seem determined to annoy her at all turns, and yes, she does sometimes find the scholarly life a bit stifling, but it's better to teach her young charges about magic and the walking Dead within the safety of the school grounds rather than subject them to firsthand corpse exposure.

But when Eleanor's former demon, Oliver, arrives with news about a secret society called The Luminaries, Eleanor and the Spirit-Hunters must decide if "firsthand corpse exposure" isn't exactly what their students need after all.

Especially since these Luminaries and their creatures of darkness want something hidden within the Sheridan Institute...

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CactusBab CactusBab Jul 08, 2017
I finished A Strange Ever After today. The strange trilogy is my new favorite book series. I am so happy to be able to read this!
                              SPOILER ALERT:
                              When Daniel died I don't think I ever cried so much in my life.
Shanna_Hughes Shanna_Hughes Sep 30, 2015
I want to read this sooooo bad... it's an effort not to, but I still have to read Strange & Ever After. *sighs*
King_Cobra_Capricorn King_Cobra_Capricorn Apr 04, 2015
YAH! I am ready to read anything related to Eleanor Fitt! 
                              Already dying to know what " Luminaries" are! :D
kpap17 kpap17 Apr 01, 2015
I cackled when I realised this was Oliver! I wondered how he would react to being "normal". This is brilliant. <3
featherlyblow featherlyblow Nov 15, 2014
Reading this makes me want to read Something Strange and Deadly series.. I feel like I'm missing out an important part of the book! D: I like how you wrote this one by the way, it held my attention and its a page turner!
epicemmy_ epicemmy_ Nov 10, 2014
OH OLIVER! How time has passed, and yet you're still swoontastic. Loved this intro! It sets up the setting and hints at future, perilous stakes. Can't wait to see Eleanor!