Stealing the Bad Boy Jock

Stealing the Bad Boy Jock

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Cassandra By C4_Faith16 Completed

"You are a nothing more than a bitchy slut" He hissed at my sister
My sister looked at me and then at Our interlaced hands and then back to me.
"I thought we were sisters Sarah. Get ready to pack all your things when mom and dad hears about this" My sister hissed at me and then stomped away.
Meet Sarah Lauren. A nice beautiful nerd but no ones sees the beautiful part of her because she is always wearing baggy clothes.

She has a twin. Sienna Lauren.

Sienna is the head cheerleader. Gets all the boys while her sister doesn't. 

Sienna has a boyfriend, Aidan Reese. 

Aidan is the quarterback & principal's son

Sienna knows that Sarah has a crush on Aidan and that's why she stole Aidan from Sarah.

Sarah wants Aidan

What Sienna doesn't know is that Aidan hates her with all of his blood because He is in love with Sarah.

What happens when Sarah is in her room crying and Aidan comes over and comforts Sarah and tell her about his feelings?

BrownPiece BrownPiece Apr 18, 2016
Im going to imagine them differently....because to me they dont really fit my description of hiw they should look
queen_of_the_under queen_of_the_under Feb 17, 2016
😭my name Sienna and I'm not even like that but I'm going to read this because it looks good 😃