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Little White Truths

Little White Truths

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T. M. Hunter By astonwest Updated May 03, 2011

Addictions can be hard to break, especially when they're so much fun.

astonwest astonwest Apr 11, 2012
@Warwings I've gotten comparisons to Firefly quite often...and I loved Pitch Black as well. If you enjoyed this, make sure to check out my other books which are of the same vein. Thanks for reading!
astonwest astonwest Aug 06, 2011
@LunaChild That would have been a little trippy for me to write...I'll just stick for the 'wanted' variety. ;-)
fauxpunker fauxpunker Jul 09, 2011
Thoroughly enjoyable. I can see the Firefly similarities (even if yours did come first), and I don't think it's a bad thing at all. Even from this short there were enough little differences to separate it. I like grungy sci-fi.
LostDMBFiles LostDMBFiles Jun 06, 2011
@astonwest Yeah, sometimes a the hard science fiction can become some much science that it loses the fiction. Me being a smuck, I usually can't keep up. But I do enjoy a good space opera. Recently I really enjoyed Consider Phlebas by Banks. Good stuff.
astonwest astonwest Jun 06, 2011
@hachebrown I've never been boggled by it, just frustrated when a novel goes into excruciating detail on the new technology.
LostDMBFiles LostDMBFiles Jun 04, 2011
Future space stuff intimidates and boggles me. I find the history aspect easier for the time being.
                              Yeah. Firefly was just well done. Indeed a classic. If I could pull off something so well...